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E. Manchester Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90002
Central - 323.537.8194

South Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90001
Kinder - 323. 589.6500

S. Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90002

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W.A.Y.S. Weekly Update

Dear WAYS Community,

Good evening everyone. What a full week we had. We would all like to wish you a healthy, safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. This week our star students will become Principal for the Day at the Manchester campus and on December 3rd we will have our Salvation Army scholars participate as well.

This past week’s highlights:

· Literacy night was on November 19th at 5 pm at the Manchester site. Families got a chance to hear a story and do an activity. Books were given, and all had a great time.

· The SSC and DELAC committees met on November 20th.

· The fifth grade Science Competition was Wednesday the 20th. Congratulations to Ms. Santillan’s class on their win. Ms. Santillan promised her class if they won she would let the kids cut her hair! So she came through and she sent 11 inches of hair to the charity “Wigs for Kids”. We are so proud of all of you. Read more…


How to Do Homework Fast and Avoid Getting Tired

There is nothing as impressive for school students as doing and accomplishing homework perfectly, faster, and without feeling tired. It takes passion, dedication, and the inner driving force that motivates students to complete homework faster. However, there are instances when, as a student, you feel lazy, and you start procrastinating doing your homework. That is why this article explores the best approaches and astronomy homework help a student can use to finish homework fast. Read on to explore more, put these ideas into practice, and see the difference.

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The Essentials of Doing Homework in High School

While in high school, each student must do different homework as part of the education system. Homework enables teachers to evaluate the understanding of different concepts among students. Some students are better in different areas while others are weak. That is why homework helps teachers know the best method to use while teaching so that each student can grasp a concept. This article features high school homework tips students can use to ensure they do the right thing.

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What Type of Music Is Good for Doing Homework?

When in school, students must do homework for different subjects to enable teachers to evaluate their level of understanding. However, sometimes it can be a draining task, and as a student, you need to create a perfect environment to boost your morale. One of the best approaches to create a conducive environment is listening to music as you do your homework. There is music for homework that you can turn on to blend with the moments well. The tips mentioned below will help you define the perfect music selection for homework.

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Total Guide to Doing Your Economics Homework

Are you a student pursuing a course in economics? Well, when it comes to doing economics homework, you can get lazy and start procrastinating, hoping to finish at the last minute. However, this might not be the case because economic homework requires extra effort to ensure you do the right thing. If you always find it hard to accomplish your economic homework perfectly and on time, the following tips will simplify everything for you. Try out these tips, and with time, you will be cracking any economical assignment without much hassle.

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