Academic Programs and Partnerships


WAYS has numerous programs that make our charter school uniquely accessible:


Exemplary Hands – on, Project Based Science Education Program


Cultural Diversity of Staff and Students


Incorporation of STEM


initiatives Elective Block Period - Fun Friday!


Stellar Performing Arts Program- incorporating dance and physical fitness


Student Travel and Research Program – fourth grade tours to Sacramento, third grade tours to Catalina Island, fifth grade tours to Lake Arrowhead Ranch Outdoor Science Camp


Well Balanced Core Curriculum- in which all subjects are taught After school enrichment and intervention program


Environmental Ambassadors Program Summer Enrichment Program - Summer Science and Dance Camps


Active Parent Advisory Council


Awarded grant funding from the Walton Family Foundation's high Quality Charter Schools Grant, William C. Bannerman Foundation After School Education and Safety (ASES), Community Beautification and Riordan Foundation


Cognitive Behavior Counseling Program


Strong Environmental Partnerships with CA Science Center, Aquarium of the Pacific and Generation Earth
Ongoing Professional Development based on the Principals of the Professional Learning Community (PLC) and Response to Intervention (RTI) model


Technology lab


Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)


Girl Scouts


Drill Team