"Education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know.  It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.”  ~Anatole France

Wisdom Academy for Young Scientists (WAYS) will provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment that recognizes student capabilities, foster their connectedness to their immediate and broader communities, and offer them ways to contribute to school life.


WAYS aim to meet or exceed state performance standards through a strong curriculum and a rigorous and relevant academic program that will be enhanced by the school’s focus on science, mathematics, and social responsibility. 

WAYS will achieve this by:

  • Offering small class sizes in a multi-age setting
  • Valuing individual learning styles
  • Implementing both the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching and the Cooperative Discipline model


WAYS believes that fostering students’ social and emotional development is a prerequisite for academic success.  In order to enhance students’ sense of connection to school and community life, WAYS will draw on the rich cultural, historical, and educational resources available in Los Angeles and the region.  By creating a sense of belonging it will generate a vital school culture where the teaching of class academics becomes highly effective.


WAYS is a community of learners working together to provide a unique choice in public education, using an enriching Marva Collins environment.  We strive to engage and inspire students to become life-long learners, problem-solvers, and responsible global citizen.

Message from Principal
WAYS has an emphasis on science and the inquiry process. We believe that critical thinking extends across all curricular areas and grade levels. Our students are actively engaged in asking questions and finding resources and solutions to their questions. Our rigorous curriculum is paving the way for many future Nobel Prize winners! ~ Aleke Watson

Message from Founder
Welcome to Wisdom Academy for Young Scientists Online! At WAYS, we are a family grounded on empowerment, education and leadership. With corporate and community partnerships, we empower our students to become leaders, agents of change and true scientists. Furthermore, we help to foster stronger families, in turn stronger communities and ultimately stronger nations. Join our efforts to positively impact the future, our children. ~ Kendra U. Okonkwo