Parental Involvement


It is a well-known fact that parental involvement is key to student success. Researcher Anne T. Henderson summarized it best in her findings on nearly 50 studies related to parental involvement and concluded: School programs which have strong parent involvement produce students who perform better than otherwise identical programs that do not involve parents as thoroughly. Children whose parents help them at home and stay in touch with the school score higher than children of similar aptitude and family background. Also, schools where children are failing improve dramatically when parents are called in to assist.
In interviews with high achievers (world-class swimmers, scholars, and research mathematicians, etc.) the conclusions were all similar on the importance of the home environment on the development of talent. Except in a few rare cases all the students excelled because parents placed high value on one of their talent areas music, art, sport or intellectual activities. Parent support made the difference in their achievement. For these reasons, WAYS encourages a strong parental involvement commitment in support of our Young Scientists.
Courtesy SJUSD