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21st century learning in action – what you will see when visiting Wisdom Academy for Young Scientists

  • Students who are happy and love their school
  • A print rich environment – a variety of reading material, non-fiction, fiction, reference, student made
  • Technically rich environment with student learning enhanced by the use of computers, SMART boards, and document and video cameras
  • Thematic classrooms that change periodically (per trimester) and focus on the different genres of science – life, physical and earth
  • Student created graphs, charts and projects with a thematic focus
  • Elective learning with a focus on art, music, crafts, dance, cooking, gardening and service learning
  • A variety of activities going on at the same time
  • Older children helping younger children
  • Children working collaboratively to solve problems
  • A demonstration of group norms of expected behavior
  • A faculty committed to the success of urban students